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Family Photo Session - A Fun Experience at all Ages

Hey there!

On a family holiday with your teenage children and you don't know how to catch their interest with a unique experience? Why not try to take them on a fun photo session to not only spend some quality time with your loved ones, but also to provide them with a fun activity? The best part is, you will get to take home the memories captured during the shoot, so you can look back at them and reminisce about your wonderful stay in Mallorca.

Jasmin's family took the step, and let us tell you that we all had a blast while taking some amazing pictures!

Then it was the turn of the sisters, that are in fact twins! Would you have guessed?

Of course we had to take some pictures of all the ladies!

The father proudly stepped in to also strike the pose with his beauties!

And as a sweet ending, of course we had to capture the happy couple from which this beautiful family has grown.

See, it isn't that hard to go out of your comfort zone even with your eldest children! If you also wish to book such a great experience for your loved ones, let's get in touch!

- Palma Insta Team


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