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Get Lost in Binibeca Vell, a White Fishermen Town - Explore Menorca

Hello there!

We are back with more Menorca moments, and this time we wanted to share with you the dreamy Binibeca village. It is known due to its completely white setting, narrow streets and specific architecture that transports you to another world.

Getting lost in the tiny streets of Binibeca Vell was the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon.

It also appeared to be the perfect shooting spot, so we made the most of it and took beautiful picture of Luisa in this outterworld surrounding.

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Then we went on walking and also got to enjoy the view of the port.

We spent the most lovely day in this part of the island, and we can only recommend taking a long, peaceful stroll through the white Binibeca village.

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Adele - Palma Insta Team


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