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Palma Foodies - 3 Restaurants to Create Yummy Memories

Hey there!

We've shared with you our favourite places for a brunch & work morning, so now it's time to tell you about places where you can chill out with friends around a table of delicious food and nice drinks! We tried to select different place so that you can find something at your taste, as Palma is filled with a variety of restaurants offering the most diversified and delicious food. Ready for that second food journey around town?

For tapas lovers - La Chica de Santa Catalina

If you adhered to the spanish way of being, you must've also fallen in love with their tapas, and probably tried a fair amount of the most iconic ones. What about trying some brand new flavours with tapas revisited in a quite gourmet way? Of course, you'll find the classic patatas bravas, tortillas and croquetas, but there are also more original option such as the grilled octopus or the sea-bass served in a sort of teryaki sauce with a carrot & curry purée. Pair everything up with a glass of wine and you're all set to spend a fun and delicious night in the trendy Santa Catalina district.

For the artistic souls - Sa Ximbomba

If you like places with an eclectic vibe, colorful and original dishes as well as a rich historical background, Sa Xibomba is just the right spot for you. You can choose whether you want to savour your dish in a very atmospheric and originally decorated interior, or in their beautifully arranged terrace & garden in which you will feel as if you were in a completely different world. Regarding the food, you will find plenty of options, including vegetarian & vegan friendly ones. For out part, we had camembert frito as a starter, followed by the burrata salad & eggplant pa amb oli, which were absolutely delicious! We also recommend trying their pizza, absolutely amazing!

For our vegan friends - La Mujer de Verde

A perfect place for a delicious vegan dinner for a reasonnable price yet with a lot of flavour and attention to detail is definitely La Mujer de Verde. Their menu is short, but the quality of the products is exquisite, the staff is beyond friendly and the place itself is designed with a casual, unpretentious approach to dine in a relaxed atmosphere. As in for the food, we got the raw beetroot "ravioli" that was filled with the most delicious stuffing, as well as a salad with all the greens , roasted brocoli and nuts. We loved the dressing! Our main course was a huge plate of pasta with homemade tomato sauce, pesto, olives and zucchini, which was flavourful and very satisfying. We paired everything up with some good wine, and had the best time!

We hope that this mini guide has been able to seduce even the most difficult foodies amongst you, and that you have a great time if you tried any of those great spots. Let us know in the comments!

- Palma Insta Team


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