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Palma Foodies - Vegetarian & Vegan Spots in Palma de Mallorca

As Mallorca in an island, you have probably noticed that most local dishes include fish or other types of seafood, and as it is in Spain, you will also find plenty of meat and animal based ingredients. Sounds like a nightmare for us vegetarians, and it is even worse for our vegan fellows...

But don't worry, as the plantbased community is growing, we found an increase in veggie options in restaurants, and we even encoutered some very nice places that serve exclusively this type of food! We tried them out for you, and here is our little selection.

Brunch - Mama Carmen's

An amazing spot if you're looking for a nice way to start the day off right is definitely Mama Carmen's, located in the beautiful district of Santa Catalina. They have two locations in the area, one is fully vegan, the other is vegetarian, and both have the most delicious options on their menu.

We loved their english muffin with tomato, avocado & poached egg, and as in for the vegan foods, the açai bowl as well as the PB pancakes are a must! The toasts also looked great, but we didn't have the chance to try them (yet!). Good to know - the vegan spot also has a bakery part, and an organic store with lots of different products that you will not find easily in other shops!


Coffee & Kitchen (vegetarian) - Carrer de Cervantes 21, Bajos, Palma de Mallorca

Coffee & Bakery (vegan) - Carrer de Rossiñol 3a, Bajos, Palma de Mallorca

Brunch & Lunch - Cafe Riutort

This cafe is one of the iconic spots for coffee lovers here in Palma, but did you know that they had a fully vegetarian menu and a lunch combo that changes everyday?

We tried plenty of different dishes here as it is one of our go-to spots, and one of the things we would recommend the most is the toast with roasted eggplant, feta, greens, hazelnuts, honey & poached egg, a combo we fell in love with. Then their avo toast is great too, and served with a fair amount of roasted almonds & tahini.

On the day we had the lunch menu, they were serving a refreshing beetroot gaspacho followed by a lentil moussaka, which was flavourful and very satisfying!

And for those who have a sweet tooth, try out their granola with fresh fruit - it is homemade, crispy and tasty!

Lunch & Dinner - La Mujer de Verde

If you are looking for a cozy, causal place to have some really good lunch or dinner, we would recommend to try out La Mujer de Verde, which has a lunch menu every day of the week, and a nice selection of dishes for the evening.

While the interior is decorated with simplicity, we can assure you that the food that you will encouter is an explosion of flavours with sophisticated and sometimes surprising textures, seasonings and combinations, all of which will delight your gourmet senses.

Make sure to try their beetroot "ravioli" as the stuffing is the most delicious, as well as their yummy salad full of greens and deliciously seasoned! We also loved the pasta we had as a main course, served with a homemade tomato sauce, pesto, courgette and olives, the perfect mediterranean style combo!

Location - Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina, 1, Palma de Mallorca

Lunch & Dinner - Temple Natura

Do you draw attention to the surroundings in which you are having your food? We sure do, and although it is not always a quality marker for the culinary experience, in the case of Temple Natura these two elements lived up to our expectations.

You will find yourself in an oasis full of plants, which gets very intimate in the evening as the sun goes down and the terrace is only illuminated by candles and soft lights. The food has a little south american touch, which makes the dishes quite interesting, and we can also mention their house cocktails based on unique recipes. As starters, we gave a go to the hummus and guacamole platters, perfect for sharing, and very tasty!

For the main course, it may be better to rely on the main dishes & the burgers as we found that the salad we tried was rather basic, although the veggie burger was delicious. We got some fried yuca on the side, it is a must, especially because of the amazing sauce that comes with it! To finish on a sweet note, we had the avocado brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, all vegan of course, and simply amazing.

They are also open for lunch, so if you'd rather enjoy the terrace under the sun, it is entirely possible!

Location - C/del Temple, 4, bajos, Palma de Mallorca

Lunch & Dinner - Ca n'Ela Vegan

This is probably one of our favourites, as the menu is extremely well tailored, and every dish has something special. Also, a non-negligeable point is they have the most amazing vegan carbonara served with pasta fresca, which obviously has conquered our hearts... and palates. We have also tried their seitan in a lemony sauce, served with perfectly cooked vegetables - a great association of taste and a nice way to consume something lighter but still tasty, nutritious and well balanced. Oh, and we almost forgot - the starters are a must too, in our case we had vegetable pacoras, super crispy and yummy!

We would also recommend that you don't leave without trying at least their texture chocolatée, which is basically a kinder bueno in the form of a cake, that has many differents textures - crispy base, soft cake, creamy chocolate & hazelnut mousse... The most delightful dessert ever, trust us. The other desserts didn't disapoint either, we had the brownie & the carrot cake, also worth trying.

Location - C/Sant Jaume, 13, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Are you going to try any of those spots? If so, let us know in the comments what did you think of your experience!

Bon appétit!

- Nat, Palma Insta Team

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