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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during a photosession

Expect a laid back and relaxed experience; I want you to feel comfortable and natural so that your pictures reflect who you are.


My main goal during a photo session is to make sure that everyone has fun and enjoys themselves while capturing photos that will document memories for a lifetime, so be prepared to hear me make silly jokes just to get some giggles out of you!


This usually means getting some posed shots, but also candid shots of your family just being themselves and having fun and enjoying each other.

Palma Insta Tour - Sandra - Photos Adele

What time is best

I love shooting during “golden hour” (1 hour before sunset or after sunrise). To ensure the best natural light, we’ll not shoot between 10 am and 3pm.

What to wear

Neutral colours without patterns are the best. Avoid black and white and bright colours. See our colour chart below for the best colour options.

But most importantly, wear something in which you’re comfortable! Same with hair and makeup: if you don’t usually get your make-up done, there’s no need to apply it on the day; be natural, be you!

Go for           Avoid

Photo Editing

We don't send unedited photos.


When you purchase one of our packages,

we do all the work for you; including the photography AND the editing.


The whole concept of Palma Insta Tour is based around our peachy colours and that’s how we will edit your photos - think of it as purchasing a piece of art from an artist that is completed with their individual style.


It won’t be for everyone, and there are so many photographers in Palma, only book us if you love our style. You can check my work on Yello There for more neutral photography.

We don't photoshop.

This is something that I take a firm stand on, and the answer is a definite no!


My job is to capture YOUR beauty, just as you are. However, if there is something exceptional such as a temporary wound, or unfortunate shadow that takes away from the photo then of course I will edit that out.

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Receiving your photos

"When & how do we receive the photos?"
I usually love posting a sneak peek on social media in the first 24 hours following a session. Within two weeks of your session you will then be emailed a link to your private gallery to choose your photos. Within 3 weeks of your session you will receive the final photos with instructions on downloading them. If you need the photos within 72 hours,
an extra fee of 150€ will be charged.

"Can I use the photos how I wish?"
When you purchase our photos, the intellectual property belongs to Palma Insta Tour and therefore you cannot edit the photos or add another filter on top. Of course we love it when you share the photos on social media, just make sure to always add the photo credit and tag us on the photos or in stories. If you use the photos for commercial use, a licensing fee per photo will be charged, get in touch to discuss. If you're a brand, business or entrepreneur, please check this section of the website.

"Do you do prints?"
Not at the moment.

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