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Being an intern on Mallorca island - Mallaury #PalmaPeople

Hello everyone!

I am Mallaury and as you might know (as I've been introduced on Instagram before), I work as an intern for Palma Insta Tour. I come from Lyon, France and I am studying digital marketing since last September.

Girl looking at her reflection in the mirror smiling Palma de Mallorca

Like most people, I love travelling. But what I enjoy the most is being able to fully experience a country's culture and lifestyle by living there, which I first did, about more than a year ago, by going abroad on Erasmus to Dublin, Ireland. This is the reason why I didn't hesitate one second when Adele offered me a job as an intern on Mallorca.

Girl from the back looking at La Seu Palma de Mallorca

During these six months, I assisted Adele on different things: helping on photo sessions, creating and planning content, styling products, editing photos and videos, working on social medias strategies... I learned a lot! It was never boring to work for Palma Insta Tour, as I had so many different and interesting tasks. It was SO much fun and I got to see and experience things I think I would've never have done if hadn't come here. What I appreciated the most in working here was that my opinion was always taken into account, I was treated as an equal.

Two girls at a cafe taking a selfie

If I had to choose my favourite 'work-related memory', I think it would be launching Palma Insta Tour website. We almost started from scratch and worked so hard on it. It was my first time ever creating a whole website and it was a really big challenge. However, the fact that I felt trusted made me confident and we managed to come up with something that I think is truly representative of the spirit of Palma Insta Tour.

Palma Insta Tour website

Since we're talking memories, let me share with you my favourite places on Mallorca!

My favourite cala

I went to Cala s'Almunia during a road trip on the west coast. It was such a pretty place and so much fun jumping off rocks.

Cala s'Almunia

My favourite coffee shop

I really liked going to Elefante in Cala Major as I was living there. Everyone is really friendly, the food is good and healthy, so I think it's one of my favourite cafes here! If you want to discover more places, check out this article!

Girl working on laptop in coffee shop Elefante Palma de Mallorca
Acai bowl and iced latte Palma de Mallorca

My favourite restaurant

So hard to choose because they are so many, but I would say Rikito! I took everyone that was visiting me to this place. The waiters are so nice and the food is absolutely delicious, I especially recommend the carbonara! We dedicated a whole article to their restaurant here.

My favourite village

I fell in love with Valldemossa.

(The Pa Amb Oli are from Quitapenas!)

My favourite food

The first Mallorquin food I tried was coca de patata, and I think it's my favourite (especially when heated!).

Girl posing with a coca de patata in front of a bakery Valldemossa Palma de Mallorca

My favourite activities

I really loved driving along the coast, the view was spectacular. I also enjoyed strolling through the streets of Palma and going on beach picnics!

My favourite view

My favourite view ever is the one from home, in Cala Major.

Sunset cala major Palma de Mallorca

My dearest memories

To finish, here are some snaps of my dearest memories on the island, that I share with very special people.

It was such a pleasure being part of this adventure. It was my first time visiting Mallorca and I was not expecting to love this place so much. The island is so beautiful and versatile, there is so much to see, explore and discover again and again. I am so happy I was given the chance to live here for six months.

Two girls smiling

Special thanks to Adele, who has not only been and incredible boss but also someone to rely on and ask for help whenever I needed it. A selfless and caring person I am so, so thankful to have met.

Good bye, Palma Insta Tour.

Mallaury x


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