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Bye 2019 – My Favourite Moments

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

As 2019 is ending, and a new decade is about to start, I wanted to take time to reflect and think about this past year. It’s been a pretty amazing one, full of surprises! Here are some of my favourite memories of 2019.

I started the year in France surrounded by my family. I was happy to go back to my beloved island and explore: I went many times to Banyalbufar, it became my favourite town on the island: mountain and sea, almond and palm trees, cactus and flowers; amazing terraces, breath-taking views…

End of January I met a very cool group of Belgian guys, we became instant friends and throughout the year we all went back and forth between Palma and Brussels; we’ve had so much fun!

In February I went back to France and it was lovely to spend time with my family, it was freezing but oh, beautiful!

March was the time for new flatmates, and I couldn’t have asked for better girls. I’m so grateful for them, we’ve created a little happy home.

April started in Finland! I was visiting a Uni friend in Turku and we had a great few days: sunrise on the frozen lake, typical Finnish sauna, barbecue on the beach because it was SO warm (14°C), exploring small towns and laughing a lot. Can’t wait to see where we will meet next time!

In May, I was lucky enough to have several members of my family – including my mum for the first time! – coming to Mallorca to celebrate my Godmother’s 50th birthday. It was so much fun to show them around the island, and for me it was very special to show my mum the life I’ve created in Mallorca. One of my favourite during that week was Botanicactus: paradise for the cactus lover that I am!

In June, I celebrated my 23rd birthday surrounded by my loved ones. I eel very blessed when I see the people I have in my life here on the island.

I also spent an amazing week with my friends visiting me in Palma, working in the morning and exploring in the afternoon: we hit so many places I was dreaming of discovering such as Calo D’Es Moro and Sa Calobra.

A must do in Palma: the rooftop of the Cathedral, find out more about it here.

We also made the most of Palma night life and tried a few rooftops. My favourite is Hotel Almudaina Sky Bar: love the view of the cathedral! And prices are quite reasonable.

After this, I spent a week in a gorgeous region of France: Ardèche, for the baptism of one of my cousin. It was so relaxing to be in a small village in the middle of the mountains.

August came, and back to France again! This time to show Paris to my God-daughter (5yo): it was amazing to see the world through her eyes! It was also great to see many of my friends from high school around a yummy dinner on the beach.

At the beginning of September, I’ve worked on my first Festival: doing the social media coverage during all the events: it was challenging, intense and tiring; but I got to discover many new places (including amazing restaurants) on the island!

Mid-September, end of summer, time for a boat party with Mallorca Girl Gone International. So much fun!

October started for me in Barcelona: my high school English teacher from when I was living in Australia came to Barcelona so I took the opportunity to visit her and rediscover this city.

2 favourites there: the Palau de la Musica Catalana and Alsur café.

I was invited on a boat cruise with Save The Med Foundation and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw dolphins! Such an amazing memory.

Mid-October, and still an amazing weather on the island. I joined my favourite Pink Flamingo, Chloe at Ten Mallorca hotel in Sineu: the ultimate Instagram hotel. We had so much fun with Chloe sipping Gin&Tonic by the pool, laughing and taking cool photos ahha.

October was definitely an amazing month, as I was lucky enough to go to the European Hot Air Balloons Championship that was taking place in Mallorca. You can read about the whole experience and see more photos by clicking here.

October was also the month I launched Palma Insta Tour, I’ll talk more about the concept in another blog post, but you can follow this project on Instagram and book on Airbnb Experience.

November: time to visit the island next door! Let’s go to Menorca. A weekend to relax and disconnect. Pretty empty at this time of the year, it was hard to find places to eat but amazing to not be surrounded by hundreds of tourists. We were gifted with the most amazing sunset and we had so much fun on wine tour and cheese tasting. More photos coming soon in another blog post!

The month ended with the visit of one of my lovely friend, who I don’t see enough. We went on the most amazing hike from Cala S’almonia to Cala Marmols. And we spent hours walking through town looking at all the Christmas Lights. It was such a chilled but full weekend, can’t wait to see her again!

December has been quite busy as I was preparing to take time off for Christmas, but seeing the Christmas Lights every time I’d cross the city at night was such a lovely feeling. I finally launched my website and started my blog, yay! I’m also so grateful for the amazing friends I’ve made on the island and who are part of my close circle, and for all the people I’ve met through the year: new clients, business partners and friends.

As I’m writing this, I’m on the plane flying from Dubai to Jakarta. My 2019 will end in Lombok and 2020 will start in Bali, how lucky! I hope you all had a great 2019 despite the many challenges. Bring it on 2020!

Adèle xx

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