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Capturing Love Stories - Surprise Proposal Photoshoot in Mallorca

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Hey there!

Immortalizing unique moments is one of the things we cherish most at Palma Insta Tour. On vacation in Mallorca, Falko and Vanessa decided to ask us to keep a souvenir of their romantic getaway.

But the photo session took a surprising and romantic turn... A moving story, transcribed in pictures below!

Indeed, what was not our emotion when Falko put us in the confidence of his will to take advantage of the photo session... to propose to his loved one, on the spot!

We were more than happy to take part in this unique moment in the story of this adorable couple, and we wish them all the happiness in the world through this beautiful adventure.

If you also want to celebrate a special moment with your loved one, or simply want to bring some beautiful memories home from your holday in Mallorca, feel free to contact us or to book directly via our booking page!

With love,

-Adele, Palma Insta Team


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