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Best Friends Photo Session in Santa Catalina with Catarina and Sandra #PalmaPeople

As we launched our website a couple weeks ago, we introduced you to Sandra and you were able to discover her story with Mallorca. Today is best friend's day so we wanted to celebrate by sharing with you this bestie photo session we did for Sandra and Catarina. And at the same time share with you Catarina's story...

A girl holding her blue dress with long blond  hair and smiling in front of a windmill
Girl with blue top and big necklace putting her long blond hair behind her ear in front of a blue door

Catarina is from Portugal, and she came to Palma de Mallorca searching from a new life experience, traveling to a somewhere she had never been before. The reason why she loves the island is because it is multicultural but also for the unique blue of the Mediterranean. Yucateco is her favourite restaurant and Cala Llombards her favourite beach. Overall, Catarina describes her experience in Palma as "AMAZING!" (and we agree with her!).

Girl in a green dress holding the hat on her head with long blond hair and smiling

Here are a couple of pictures of Catarina and Sandra during a best friend photo session in our Los Molinos location.

A blond girl smiling on the left and a brunette girl smiling on the right

The girls looked so happy playing around in front of the camera, and I think we can tell by the photos they were having a great time. I am very grateful to have been able to capture these joyful moments with and for them!

Girl with long blond hair and a hat looking up at the sky and smiling
Girl with long blond hair lying on a wall in Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca wearing a green short dress and high heels brown boots
"To spend the day with someone like Adele is sooooo amazing! Besides being an amazing photographer she's a beautiful soul and you just feel how much she loves what she does. She made my birthday more special this year and I had the chance to do this photoshoot with my BFF but I can't wait to do another in summertime!! She knows exactly what spots to go to and it's a very cool way to get to know the city in a different perspective - through a camera lens - everyone loved the pictures and I'll be using them for my social media posts like every single one of them !!!" - Catarina

It was a pleasure taking photographs of these two special and beautiful girls. If you are living in Palma or coming for holidays with your bestie, get in touch to book your very own photo session!

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Adèle x

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