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Empowering Portrait Photo Session in Palma de Mallorca

Welcome back!

Have you ever felt the need to take some time for yourself and do something out of your comfort zone to connect with your inner power and energy?

What about taking yourself on a special photo session to bring up your confidence and let yourself fully embody the person you are deep inside?

Kelly decided to give herself this opportunity, and here are the beautiful pictures that came out of it!

As Kelly is already a pretty confident and self-assured person, posing in front of the camera seemed almost natural to her...

...but the more we went on with the shoot, the more she allowed herself to try new poses, taking the experience as a real blast during which she really got to explore the different fields of possibilities involved in posing in front of a camera.

In the end, she had completely let go of any doubts or insecurities, and gave full flow to what seemed to be right at that precise moment. Through that experience, she was able to release the strong and independent woman that is within her.

If you feel like treating yourself to such an uplifting experience, feel free to contact us or to visit our booking page to secure your spot!

See you soon in Mallorca,

-Adele, Palma Insta Tour


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