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Mallorca Christmas Gifts Guide – Supporting Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Find the perfect Mallorca Christmas gifts for your loved ones or a special birthday celebration, it’s always nice to be able to gift quality and original presents. Support small businesses and buy from Mallorca based small businesses, because when you buy from a small business, there is someone doing a happy dance! If you think we should include a business you love in this Mallorca Christmas gifts guide, please contact us!

Scroll down to discover all of the fantastic small businesses featured in our Mallorca Gifts Guide and find the perfect presents for your loved ones: fashion, sustainable, gifts, jewellery, books, prints, food, drink, experiences, stay and more!



Give someone you love Sunvibes! They will have a personalized memory dress, inspired entirely by their favorite colours, their spirit animals, and all the symbols that have a special meaning to them. There are many different styles, gorgeous, feminine, flowy dresses, kimonos and skirts, all of them designed for the free spirited women.

I recently created my Palma Dream Dress with Sunvibes which represents my dream life in Mallorca and also showcases everything my business is. It was an incredible experience, I can only recommend it to you!

If you are interested in offering the possibility that a loved one can create their own Dream Dress, you can learn more in our blog post.

Click here to shop Sunvibes' beautiful dresses.


Discover this men’s and children’s swimwear brand based in Mallorca. They offer high-quality luxury swim and seaside apparel and accessories. Scaphandre’s spirit encompasses a lifestyle that surrounds adventure, exploration, discovery and global travel. This holiday season make your partner, friend or father a seaman, a daredevil… or a gentleman.


NAKĀWE Swimwear is an ethical and eco-conscious swimwear and beach accessory brand, which uses the first nylon 6.6 biodegradable in the world. Designed in Palma de Mallorca and handcrafted in-house in Brazil, from start to finish, at a small seamstress workshop, that combines more than 20 years of experience in swimwear. Prepare your loved ones for the next summer or warm holidays with NAKĀWE.

Find their designs here:


Blava is an online store of minimalist, simple and high-quality clothing designed to live beyond the season. Sustainability and reducing environmental impact wherever possible is the foundation of their small business. All of their products are handcrafted locally in limited numbers and some items in their collection are made to order. To minimize waste, they use leftover fabric to make smaller accessories, print our own labels, and pack our orders.

They work with 100% natural fabrics (linen, ramie, organic cotton) chosen with the greatest care taking into account aspects of origin, durability, touch and texture.

Click here to shop.

Villa Vintage

Villa Vintage is a designer secondhand. Its purpose is to extend the life of top quality clothing. Locally sourced in the best cupboards in Mallorca. You can find various dresses, shoes, bags, shirts, jumpsuits, jewellery, sunglasses..

Check her Instagram to find out more!



At Viveco, they are passionate about making sustainable living accessible to as many people as possible, that is why we wanted to include them in the Mallorca Christmas gifts guide, because it is a great option with which to improve someone’s lifestyle.

Start now with the change, buy at:


Under the motto of Reduce, Refuse, Refill, we find the non-profit initiative Every Cleanwave bottle that you buy goes towards plastic prevention and regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a Christmas gift whilst helping the environment, Cleanwave bottles are the best alternative.


La Osadía Shop

La Osadía Shop is a perfect store for the Mallorca Christmas gifts guide, where you will find clothing, jewellery, illustration, decoration and much more, made by a couple from Madrid who decided to escape to Mallorca. Surely you can find an ideal gift for this Christmas in this small concept store of handcrafted production.

Click here to shop.

Alamar Editions

Alamar is a meeting point for lovers of simplicity, culture and beauty, which take shape in unique objects of craftsmanship and design. You will find from handbags and totes, necklaces to prints, notebooks and much more. All of are sustainable and environmentally friendly products, and they allocate part of their profits to social projects in the Mediterranean.

Oma Project

Oma Project is home to bespoke interior design and styling services, offering hand picked and custom made furniture thanks to its excellent network of artisans and artists with the aim to create authentic, sustainable, warm and soulful interiors.

At their boutique, located on Carrer Pou, bajos 33, 07013 Palma, you will find linen dresses, bags, sandals, and other pieces of art.

Discover their web at:

From The Island

Many people are completely unaware that candles can be toxic to animals (and even humans)! That's why the From The Island Store brand has made some that are suitable for pets! The candles are made with cotton wicks, soy wax and natural essential oils. Namely that the chosen scents are not harmful to our furry friends.

Click here to shop.

Woodworks Mallorca

Fall for the sublime portable picnic tables from Woodworks Mallorca. They are made by Charl Jooste a real craftsman who makes all his creations with love and care. He also makes bath board, bespoke serving plater or bespoke serving board.

Have a look at his Instagram to shop one of his creations! See more photos of our personalized picnic table here!


Surely Stephie.M needed to be part of the Mallorca Christmas gifts guide. She offers textile collections for warm and charming interiors, with colours from the beautiful island of Mallorca. One of these unique pieces collection made from antique & raw fabrics could be the perfect gift for this holiday season. Everything is designed and handmade, and respecting the environment.

Check her Instagram for more info!


Dzerve Jewellery

If you love the Ocean, the Sun, the Moon and the stars, you have to know Dzerve Jewellery. Their products are inspired by all these, as well as textures, cleanness and freedom. Dzerve focuses on delicate, precious and timeless jewellery pieces. All designs are made from scratch and handcrafted at her studio in Mallorca. Focus is on sustainability, all materials are from sustainable sources, using non toxic materials and supplies in the jewellery making process.

Cherendipity Earrings

Fall for the superb pairs of earrings from Cherendipity Earrings! They are 100% cotton and handmade. Everyone can find what they are looking for, from yellow to red earrings, long and short!

Check their Instagram

IS Jewellery

IS Jewellery is an enduring luxury jewellery brand celebrating elegance and heritage. It uses only noble materials, combine the expertise of their artisans with a contemporary design resulting in high quality jewellery, modern, easy to wear and passionate. Their creations are the perfect gifts to give for the coming Christmas season!

Click here to buy these beautiful and delicate pieces.


Rata Corner

Rata Corner is an independent bookstore, located at carrer d’Antoni Marquès 34 in Palma, where you can find a a varied selection of books, vinyls and graphic works for all kinds of tastes. The books that make up their catalogue are selected one by one with the intention of offering an attractive, coherent and quality catalogue. They also offer a selection of pop and rock music, with special interest for local artists; and a section of graphic work with originals, silkscreen prints or prints of local and international artists.

Click here to see some of their books.

“Hormonal Harmony”

In this Mallorca Christmas gifts guide we included some books, as Hormonal Harmony, written by Susanne Haegele. It is the best option to give to women aged 16 to 86. Puberty, fertility, maternity, menopause… these major phases of a woman’s life have something in common: the deep impact of hormonal changes. The book shows you how to be proactive and contribute to rebalancing your hormones, naturally.

You can buy it on Amazon or Waterstones, also available in Spanish and in French.

“Sleep, Eat, Drink, Shop, Explore Palma”

An explosion of new trendy places during the last years changed the so-called ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’ considerably and makes it more beautiful today than ever. Yet, despite the modernity, the Mediterranean flair can still be felt in every corner. This Palma Guide will show you a curated selection of our favorite places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”.

Click here to buy it for 24,00€.

“111 Places in Mallorca that you shouldn’t miss”

If you wanna give a different vision from Mallorca, you should choose this book as a gift for this holidays. “111 Places in Mallorca that you shouldn’t miss” is a book of temples, paths and unpublished stories of Mallorca, written by Rudiger Liedtke. It will show you curiosities about better-known sights, new locations and will tell you a lot of stories that you probably don’t know about.

Click here to buy it for 15,38€.

“The mymuybueno Cookbook”

Justine Murphy not only shares in her book “The mymuybueno Cookbook” delicious recipes and valuable tips on navigating the challenges of modern life, but also her extraordinary story, giving us an incredible insight into the woman behind the successful business: mymuybueno.

You can buy it at Rialto Living in Mallorca !

"Faces of Mallorca"

Stephanie Schulz and Mark Julian Edwards have written this timeless book in order to share the real Mallorca - through meeting the locals and telling their stories.

It authentically captures people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. They showcase the hidden faces of this beautiful island that tourists and visitors would not normally see.

You can buy it for 26€ at Rialto Living, Rata Corner, Casa del Libro and many more stockists! Also available online for 24,70€ on Amazon in English, Spanish, German and Mallorquín.


Mallorca Prints

Mallorca Prints is a brand founded by Travel Palma, with which it aims to bring a piece of Mallorca to your home, through their amazing prints made on natural birch paper. Besides, 10% of all sales are donated to Cleanwave Movement. Give a piece of Mallorca to someone special this holiday season.

Contact Mallorca Prints on Instagram if you want to purchase a print.

Stick No Bills

It’s time to fill your walls with spectacular poster art from Mallorca, Ibiza or Ceylon, and there is no better choice than Stick No Bills. Transport your walls back to the mid century modern and 1980s’ golden eras of travel, time-machine-style, back to the art-deco.

Find them at Costa D’en Brossa 10, Palma, 07001, or click here to buy online.


Solstice Blends

If you are thinking of giving a healthy and original drink, you should know Solstice Blends. They’ve created a line of products that provides warmth, health and energy needed to get you through the day. All their products are vegan, gluten free and made with organic ingredients, and it is so easy to prepare: Add liquid to the powder, mix and enjoy!

Click here to buy: and they will be at Spoon Full O'Moon Christmas Fair on Dec 11th.

Son Prim

Discover the typical wine from Mallorca with Son Prim, a winery that was built in 2003, with the aim of producing wines of the highest possible quality with vineyards planted in the nineties. So, this Christmas, they can be the perfect detail to enjoy a lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

Buy their wines at:

Wine Industry Mallorca

Since march 2019 Wine Industry Mallorca is focus now on distribution, provisioning, wine tasting experiences and wine tours.

It offers gift boxes which consist of a bottle of wine followed by a sausage, cheese and cake. It also offers excellent wines, for all wine lovers you will find what you are looking for!

Click here to shop your bottle of wine for Christmas!


Mallorca Delicatessen – Mateu Pons

In this Mallorca Christmas gifts guide could not miss some typical food from the island. With the help of Mallorca Delicatessen products, you will take Mallorca home with you. They have been made with a process of refinement, search for excellence, keen dedication and nostalgia for the past. Their selection of products brim all the flavour, colour and aroma of this island.

You can find them at Plaza Marques del Palmer 7, Plaza Weyler 10 in Palma, or Calle

Acapulco 2 in Playa de Palma. Or click here to buy online.

Cachao Chocolate

Cachao is chocolate in its most pure and natural form, rich in nutrients and full of flavors. They use fresh ingredients from the best organic farmers. It is essential to taste this authentic chocolate using real cacao solids without compromising on flavor, texture and nutrition.

Click here to know everything about Cachao.

Contro Corrente

Take your loved one, your family or your friends to the restaurant Contro Corrente for Christmas! This is an Italian restaurant located in Palma de Mallorca known for its delicious pizzas!

They only use San Marzano tomatoes that grow on the volcanic plains south of Vesuvius and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. It is these special fresh ingredients and the intangible passion of "pizzaioli" (pizzerias) that make a true Neapolitan pizza.

Click here to take your reservation!



Do you know someone who is passionate about adventure? This holiday season, let them experience the wild, unspoiled side of Mallorca on horseback, discover hidden places and feel at one with nature. Naturacavall is a small family run business who are pioneering this business. Each horse is loved and cared for.

Book the experience here:

Palma Insta Tour

Give the gift of memories this Christmas! Make it happen with the Palma Insta Tour Gift Voucher, which is worth for an hour photo session with the photographer Adèle, who will find the perfect spots in Mallorca to take pictures of you and your loved ones. Surprise someone printing it and putting it under your Christmas tree!

Find out everything about our photo sessions: Don’t miss this opportunity and send a DM to @palmainstatour or email us at

Colour Confidence with Leesa Whisker

Give knowledge this holiday season! Do you know what Colour Confidence is? Leesa Whisker is a professional with 20 years of experience working internationally as an image consultant and stylist. She will teach you through an online masterclass to discover the beauty of your natural colouring and your best colours for clothing, hair and makeup, to save you time and money, help you dress and pack with ease and boost your confidence.

More info about getting colour confident here.

La Guilda Cerámica

A bit of creativity is the perfect gift for this Christmas. If you know someone who enjoys doing crafts, you can give them a pottery workshop like the one that offers La Guilda: 2 hours for 29€ all inclusive. It is a nice option to enjoy with your family or friends and to take out your most creative vein.

Find them at Carrer Torre de l’amor, 2, Palma, or on

Yoga MariSol

Maria is the founder and main Yoga teacher at Yoga MariSol. She offering yin yoga teacher trainings which are certified with the yoga alliance as continuing education. It lights up her soul to share the wisdom of yin yoga with her students and see how they star to embody the yin aspects of life. "If there's something we need in this world it's the softness of yin". Maria also offer group or private yoga classes for either yin yoga or yin yang yoga, women's circles with every new moon and women self care retreats.

More info here, check her Instagram!


Finca Bella Roca

La Finca Bella Roca is perfect for disconnecting and taking care of yourself. I have been there recently with friends and the property is beyond beautiful. There was something so charming about the house, an amazing atmosphere mixing tradition and modernity.

It was such a unique experience, we created long last-lasting memories that will be, for sure, cherished forever.

More info about our stay on the blog. If you're interested by staying at Finca Bella Roca and would like to book, get in touch with them through their website or Instagram.

Ten Mallorca

A few years ago, my friend Chloé from Pink Flamingo Marketing invited me to join her for a drink by the pool in one of the most beautiful and unique hotels I have seen on the island: Ten Mallorca to Sineu.

I loved Ten Mallorca because each room is different and has its own character. They created a different vibe in every corner and everything looks amazing! The swimming pool is also a big hit! Who wouldn't dream of sipping cocktails and swimming in this dream location? If you are looking for a beautiful place to relax, this is the place!

Click here for more information on our blog, you also can book a room here!

Follow them on Instagram !

Spoon Full O' Moon

Spoon Full O'Moon is one of my favourite place to spend some time off. Located in the heart of Mallorca and run with love by Jada and Baran, two people who are very passionate about health, healing and growth. You can reserve their beautiful space for retreats, workshops and events; or simply rent a private suite to enjoy the magic of Mallorca's countryside.

More information: and follow them on Instagram @spoonfullomoon for inspiring and yummy content! They also offer Cooking classes (Christmas edition on December 4th, contact them for more info)

Countryside Christmas Fair by Spoon Full O'Moon

In addition, Spoon Full O'Moon organizes on December 11th from 1 to 6PM a sustainable and plant based Christmas fair. Admission is 5€ and for children under 12 it's free.

Click here to see the previous one!

Wishing you all the most wonderful holiday season!

If you liked this Mallorca Christmas Gifts Guide, don’t hesitate to give love and share it. Let’s help small businesses together this holiday season!

With love, Palma Insta Team xx


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