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My Palma Dream Dress with Sunvibes

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

A wearable vision board

"Imagine a dress that is made with the colours and symbols that you absolutely love, woven with the dreams you'd like to realize. Neuroscience shows us that by focusing our attention on symbols and visuals we love and dream of, we actually take the first step towards manifesting what we want in our lives."

I'm so honoured to have worked alongside fashion designer Eli Bozzolini of Sunvibes to co-create the Palma Insta Tour Dream Dress that represents my dream life in Mallorca and also showcases everything my business is about.

Read until the end to see the result...

How it started...

Eli, founder of Sunvibes, is the reason I moved to Mallorca in the first place in 2018. I did my end of bachelor degree internship with her. A unique experience assisting her with the digital image of her online business that made me want to run my own small social media agency Yello There. She inspired me as a passionate small business owner to find my calling and be my own boss. It's with her that I did my first photo sessions and that I discovered spots in Palma and around the island. So working on this Dream Dress together has been very special. And I couldn’t be happier with the result. But first, let’s talk about the process of co-creating my Dream Dress.


The first step was to make a moodboard with all the symbols, words and colours that were important to me and that I wanted on my Dream Dress to envision my dream life in Palma.

For the colours, I obviously used the ones curated by Ilona for Palma Insta Tour’s colour palette: green and pink. The pink for the colour of the sky as the sun sets and the green represents the colour of palm trees. As this dress represents my brand it was important for me to use my branding colours.

There were many elements I really wanted to find on the dress:

  • A camera because I’m a photographer, it's the tool to connect with my clients and Palma Insta Tour is about making you feel beautiful in front of the camera and getting unique memories.

  • I wanted the shape of the island of Mallorca as well as the Cathedral because it is the heart of Palma and an iconic landmark I have in most of my photos.

  • Palmtrees, waves and the sun, all of these represent the Mediterranean lifestyle.

  • A cup of matcha because going to cafés is part of my daily life in the city as well. And I'll always order a matcha as I can't drink coffee!

  • Almond tree flowers as the almond blossom season is one of my favourite on the island and Pampas grass which are also an iconic plant we find on the island.

I loved seeing Eli draw the symbols and starting to make my Dream Dress come to life.

And when I received the first renders I couldn't believe it! It had all the symbols that were important to me and I loved how the colours turned out.

Once I approved the design, I then had to patiently wait for the custom fabric to be printed and my dress to be made…

A few weeks later I got a text from Eli that my dress was ready to be picked up! Aaaah the joy.

Watch until the end to discover my reaction:

Oh My God! I was a bit emotional looking at it as it represented the Mediterranean dream life I created for myself on the island in the past three years.

Join us on Instagram to see more of the dress in the following days!

What do you think of the dress? What would you have on your Dream Dress?

Thank you so much Eli, Sunvibes for this special dress that I will forever cherish.

In collaboration with Sunvibes

Photos and videos by Palma Insta Tour

You can find all information about Sunvibes’ Dream Dress and get your own by clicking here


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