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Navina from @studio_navina - #PalmaEntrepreneurs

Let us introduce you to Navina! She's from Düsseldorf, Germany and would come here on the island for vacation since 2002. Navina loves Mallorca and says that compared to other destinations, she always loved her stays here the most. In 2016, she made the decision to leave Germany and did not think about any other destination : it had to be Palma. That's how Navina's business came with her to the island!

Woman in Palma de Mallorca

Studio Navina is all about "creating intuitive and timeless visual and verbal designs for brands". In her work, she couples "a nuanced understanding of visual design with the art of storytelling and creating alluring verbal designs".

My philosophy of transparency, trust and communication is based on my values of kindness, love, respect and beauty. These values translate into everything I do - from the first email clients receive, over the designs I create and to the finishing touches of every collaboration - and even my pricing strategy is based on my values. I'd like to inspire people with my manifesto and approach to work for a better, kinder, more trustworthy online business space. For me, as an introvert, it can get really loud and overwhelming, and let's be honest, there are plenty of black sheep out there, too. I hope one day, there will be only online businesses with a true vision and purpose, built on the values of love, kindness and respect. Since I also believe my values have to be woven into the every day life, I cultivate a daily self-care and self-love routine, I make sure I show the most respect, love and kindness towards the people I interact with - friends or stranger alike - and I also donate to charities showing love, respect and kindness towards our planet. Let's make this world a kinder one - I believe we can do it!
Woman in Palma de Mallorca
I understand that captivating visuals combined with appealing stories create the strong foundation of every brand, but to design a truly irresistible brand it needs to be infused with meaning and personality. The linguist Roland Barthes found that fashion was a construct made by coupling photography with the written word - without the verbal design we would only see a photo of a mannequin wearing clothes. The written language, or as I prefer, the verbal design, is what turns a piece of fabric into fashion. Inspired by his work, I have created the combined approach of visual brand identity and verbal brand identity - because only together turns the fabric into fashion! As a certified life & success coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I am currently working on a new offer, combining coaching with design in a very efficient and affordable way. - Navina
Woman in Palma de Mallorca

Navina is a beautiful person, inside and out, so we were really happy to capture her in Palma's iconic spots! She was one of our first Palma People!

"Palma Insta Tour with Adèle was an amazing and unique experience for me. I booked her, because I needed new professional photos for Instagram and my business. Although the tour might have been created with visitors of beautiful Palma in mind, I can absolutely recommend Adèle for creative lifestyle/business photos as well. We had a coffee in the beginning and started early enough to enjoy the quiet streets of Palma and to capture the amazing morning sunlight. It is super easy to have fun with Adèle and chat as if you were friends forever. For me, this is a super important thing when it comes to photo shoots - she makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera! And most importantly, the photos you'll receive are stunningly beautiful! Palma Insta Tour is really great if you want your stay in Palma professionally captured or need new lifestyle pics for your social media & more." - Navina

The best way to follow Navina is on Instagram @studio_navina but you can also visit her website as her blog "The Journal" will soon be back: "I write and share about brand design infused with a touch of Mallorcan lifestyle and mindset inspiration - as in real life tools you can try to improve your mindset, wellbeing and find motivation. If that unique mix is something you like to read more about, I am happy to welcome you in my Instagram home." - Navina

If you'd like to know her and her services better, she offers free coffee chats. You'll be able to speak about your brand or idea, about coaching, or simply have a chat!

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