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Photo Session Abroad - Brand Shoot for Monchiqe in Sweden

Hey there!

After three successful photo sessions in Mallorca with the parasol brand Monchiqe, it was time to reconnect with the brand's origins... Let us take you on a poetic trip to Sweden, where the concept was born.

Monchiqe's purpose is to create beautiful and elegant parasols that will look chic and aesthetic in any setting while providing you with a shady spot to hide under, in any situation. Through those few days of work together, we went to the most charming location in the countryside near Stockholm to catch the scandinavian vibe and tell a story through every picture. The dazzling nature and incredible architecture of that area offered us just the ideal, fairytale like ambience to emphacize the grace of the parasols.

You can use the parasols in so many ways! It could simply be for a chill afternoon at the pool... well as a soothing break in the middle of nature...

...because you can carry the parasols around very easily, and have them with you anywhere!

If you are a hotel, they will look perfect on your terrace or in your gardens, while adding character to the surroundings in which you will welcome your guests.

While they look incredible on such a spacious terrace, they will also be a quite lovely addition to the intimate space of your own frontyard.

It is also a good option to add one of the parasols to your next date framework for an extra romantic touch.

This experience was for sure an exciting one! Photo sessions on an international scale is one of our favourite parts of the job, as we are always happy to work with brands from all around the world.

Check out Monchiqe's website to find all of their products!

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If as a brand, you also would like to collaborate with us, either on Mallorca or wherever you are based, feel free to get in touch!

Adele, Palma Insta Team x


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