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Pregnancy Photo Session - Capturing all the Chapters of a Beautiful Story...

Having the opportunity to create memories in a key moment of a beautiful story is one of the things that moves us most at Palma Insta Tour. But when we can capture each one of them and witness the evolution that takes place over the years, we are even happier and more touched by our role as, one would say, chroniclers...

Everything started two years ago, with Jada's first pregnancy, which we immortalized in the beautiful setting offered by the surroundings of Palma's Cathedral. We were delighted to take part in creating the memories related to such a special event in one's life, and the pictures that were taken on that day are still looked back at with emotion, both for the couple and us.

What a joy it was when recently, Jada broke the news and announced that she was expecting her second baby! Of course we organized a photo session, with the big brother-to be this time, to mark this new chapter of the family story.

It was such a lovely photoshoot! We were glad to be part of another chapter of Jada & Baran's story, and we cannot wait for the photo session with the new little one!

“Adele managed to make such a magical piece out of our chaotic and stressed evening 😂 she is a beautiful magician 💕” - Jada

Book your family session via our website, we still have some spots available for this summer.

Palma Insta Team


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