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Magical Pregnancy Photo Session in a Poppy Field in Mallorca Countryside

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Last week-end we had the chance to do a pregnancy photo session in a magical poppy field in Mallorca countryside with Jess & Leo, who are expecting their first little one for August. It was Jess' dream to have her pregnancy photos taken in a poppy field, so we made it come true... Let us bring you along this magical photo session!

Pregnant couple holding hand in poppy field

Pregnancy photo sessions are very intimate, it is always very special to witness such precious moments as a photographer. It was especially beautiful to capture the connection between Jess & Leo on this new journey.

Really thankful to have been able to capture these beautiful memories for the lovely soon-to-be parents!

"Omggggggg Adèle....... They are incredible!!!!!!!!!! We loooooooooooove them so much!!!!!!!! I've added so many to our favourites hahahaha! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leo and I were so excited going through all the photos, they are so special, thank you again huuuuugely, we are so grateful ❤️" - Jess

We had a lot of fun playing around in the poppy field with our cameras, capturing the wild nature of Mallorca, picking up some wild flowers to bring home as ephemeral souvenirs.

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Adele xx

Fun fact: I've learnt to say poppy in Spanish: amapola ❤️


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