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Adventure Time - Evening Sunset Hike in Caló d'en Monjo with Vivere Maiorca

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Not long ago, during one of those warm summer evenings, we had the chance to experience a quite unique way to admire a magical Mallorca sunset. With our friends from Vivere Maiorca, we indeed hopped into our hiking shoes, packed some picnic and a bathing suit before getting to the wonderful Caló d'en Monjo, a barely 30 minutes drive from Palma

First part of the adventure was a guided hike in the nature, during which we could admire the landscapes while Sergio shared some interesting facts about the history of the place.

For instance, did you know that in the 1600's, there was a whole system of towers built all around the coast to prevent pirate attacks? If a tower keeper would catch sight of a pirate ship approaching, he would light up a fire to warn the other tower keepers, and that way the information could get to the King's attention in Palma.

A long, resourcing walk in the rocks and on the winding paths of the Cala later, we reached the best spot you could wish for to admire the sunset. The viewpoint gave us a panoramic view on the surrounding coastline and mountains in the distance. It also was time to get our picnics out, which tasted just great in this dreamy scenery, not to mention that we were offered a glass of wine to make the experience even more enjoyable.

After such a dreamy break, it was time to put our headlamps on as the sun went down. We started hiking back to the starting point, with a few stops to admire the sky full of shining stars, and of course Sergio was there to tell us about astronomy facts and legends related to the constellations we could clearly see.

While we thought that this amazing experience was coming to an end, another surprise was waiting for us.... Indeed, right before getting back to the cars, we were reminded that we had our bathing suits in our bags as it turned out that we were to enjoy a night dip in the warm sea, under the moonlight. We couldn't have thought of a better end to this journey. Swimming in the dark waters under the stars truly felt like a dream...

We couldn't thank Francesco and Sergio more for this great experience. This little expedition put stars in our eyes, and it is the kind of memories that remain for life.

Find more information and tour options on their website, or on their Instagram!

Natalia, Palma Insta Team


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