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Best Calas, Beaches & Tips for a Dreamy Holiday in Menorca

Hi there!

After visiting the magical island of Menorca, we figured that we could walk you through the most beautiful spots to enjoy the sea & sun on a chill holiday. In this post, you will find our favourite places with all the tips to make the most of your experience!

1. Cales Coves

For our fellow nature lovers, take on this path with a tropical vibe that will lead you all the way to the blue waters, amongst the green palm trees & wildness that the island has to offer. A rather atypical scenary for the Balearic Islands, which feels as if you were in another world... Our tip? Don't stop at the beach, if you continue a bit further you'll find a more rocky part to settle down and enjoy a clearer water in a calmer atmosphere.

2. Red Sand Beaches

Our attempt to the red sand beach was rather compromised when we arrived at Cala Pregonda and it turned out that it was already pretty packed... Unless you have plenty of time to spend on walking from your car to the actual cala, we recommend going there first thing in the morning to secure your spot both on the parking and on the beach.

Meanwhile, we accepted our small defeat and decided to discover another place, which did not disappoint!

Instead, we went to platja de Cavalleria, a rather sandy... and crowded beach. So to make the experience more enjoyable, we recommend going to the right side and follow the path until Cala Rotja, which is a calmer, rocky spot to settle down.

3. Cala Morell

This might be our absolute favourite of the trip. Take your time to walk all the way to the Mirador for a stunning view, and the hike in itself is really pleasing since there is a beautiful view on the sea and the path up on the cliff is surrounded by local white houses.

Our tip - another viewpoint is the Ivette restaurant, where you don't necessarily need to actually have a meal to enjoy the view (but the food there is amazing! Unfortunately lacking a bit on vegetarians options).

4. Algaiarens

Lastly, if you are looking for a more family friendly beach, this one would be perfect as it is easily accessible, really big and sandy, the perfect setting to have fun on a summer family vacation.

Did you like our little Menorquin selection? For more info & tips about the island, check out our other blog post - The Island Next Door - Dreamy Week in Menorca

Adele - Palma Insta Team


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