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Fun Daytrip around Santanyi - Mallorca Calas & Nature

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Hi there!

Last weekend we packed up and took the road to explore the region around Santanyi. We visited the wonderful calas around that area, and let us tell you that we still haven't gotten over the beauty of what we saw... Here's a sneak peak of our top 3 calas!

1. Cala Pi

With its beautiful view, turquoise water and perfect picture spot, this was the place that we were looking forward to the most. We mostly admired the nature from above, but it definitely looked like a great place to settle down for a chill sunny afternoon.

2. Cala d'Or

Probably one of the most known in Mallorca, but yet the charming sourrounding of this little corner of paradise stole our hearts. Little tip - settle down in the rocks to flee the crowded beach, and just like us, enjoy a little swim in the refreshing waters. Metal ladders are placed on the rock surface to ease the ascent out of the sea.

3. Cala Llombards

Last but not least, this cove was voted the favorite of the trip, with its small path between the rocks, the large sandy beach and the area created to have fun diving into the waves. We stayed there for a long time to fully enjoy the few rays of sunshine we encountered in this heavenly setting. We particularly enjoyed the view of the small fishermen's houses placed in the middle of nature.

And on that wonderful note, we ended the day heading back home to Palma, with a whole lot of new memories to get back to...

Tell us which one is your favourite!

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Natalia - Palma Insta Team


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