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Exploring the Island Made Convenient with Offugo - Best Rental Car in Mallorca

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Pssst: read until the end for a 10% discount on the best rental car on the island!

While on holidays in Mallorca, you are probably aware of the fact that most of the spots that are worth seeing are not quite located in the area of Palma... Fortunately, it is possible to go to the key points of the island by public transport. Take the bus and there you are, right?

But what if you really want to make the most of what Mallorca has to offer (check out our four-day road trip around Mallorca)? And if you're short on time and can't be bothered by delayed buses, bus timetables, limited time in each spot you want to see? Or what if you're seeking unseen lands and want to make this trip you're adventure?

Okay, so we have convinced you to rent a car and start exploring what the island really has to offer, and that with complete freedom of decision regarding your route and planning. Great!

But then... on a practical note - what if you don't feel like waiting in neverending queues, signing dozens of paperwork and getting into an argument with the employee of the car rental service without even understanding what the issue is about because you have no clue what your spanish interlocutor is trying to say?

Moreover, what if you are a confident, experienced driver... but not 21 years old yet and it is just impossible to book a car for a decent price in the regular car rental services (because yes, here in Spain young drivers either can't rent a car, or they have to pay an extra fee...)?

Yes, this is a lot. Renting a car is quite overwhelming after all, we have to admit. However, we found the solution that made our lives so much easier, and our experience of the island so much more exciting! That's it, we found the car rental service that regroups all the perks of renting a car, without all the cons we just mentioned.

Indeed, with Offugo Car Rental, everything happens online. Create your account, provide all the necessary information, make your booking in advance using our discount code "PALMAINSTATOUR10" to get 10% off your final price... And that's it. Now you just have to pick up the car in the location you have selected, and off you go on new adventures!

Website link -

Just do not forget to bring it back on time when you rental comes to an end!

Tell us about your experience in the comments!

- Palma Insta Team


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