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Hope is the Anchor of the Soul - ME30 Jewellery #BrandShoot

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Last year, I got a call from a brand in Taiwan wanting to work with ME! Because they had come across our photos on Instagram and needed to bring the Mediterranean vibe in the photos of their new collection launch, Palma Insta Tour was the perfect fit for them.

ME30 is a jewellery brand using the beautiful Mallorcan pearls and stainless steel in their designs. The M in their name stands for Mediterranean: the blue sky and sea, people enjoying life freely, living at their own pace. The Mediterranean lets us find a place of physical and mental peace in the busy daily life.

Beginning of December, in the midst of cold and rainy autumn days, we shot their campaign for the 'Anchor' collection. They wanted a summer vibe, and despite my models freezing between shots, I think we did well making it look like Summer! I'm very happy with the result of the campaign.

We really wanted to bring the Palma street style into the photos, with colourful houses in the background, as well as sandy beach summer vibes.

Hope is the Anchor of the Soul. #ME30

Using the pink and orange colourful backdrops of Santa Catalina's houses to bring out the essence of the city of Palma in the photos.


Coffee in one hand and flowers from Santa Catalina market in the other: a representation of the daily Mediterranean life. I wanted to bring out more of the Mallorcan essence with the stones from the windmill.

Maria & Bara

Strangers becomes besties. Because the life you create wouldn't be as beautiful without amazing friends and souls to share it with. In 15 min Bara and Maria had to pretend they were best friends and I think they nailed it!


Heading to the beach after a day of work, this is the beauty of living in Mallorca. The sea is never far. Picking a hat, a good book and a beach basket and you're all set to live your Mediterranean dream.


I also love creating beautiful product images. I'm not a white background studio kind of photographer. I bring out the authenticity of your products by pairing your products with natural textures and props. With the aim to always add the Mediterranean vibe to your campaign.

Beautiful and authentic photos of real people and brands

We love working with real people and brands to create stunning photos with authenticity.

But we especially like to bring Mediterranean vibes into the beautiful images for your brand.

Check out how ME30 have been using the beautiful images we've created for them and get in touch with us if you want to discuss capturing your brand!

Seeing our photos printed at the launch event of the Anchor collection in Taiwan was pretty special!

As seen in ELLE Taiwan!

Special thanks to our team:

Check out our behind the scenes video here.

Adele - your Mallorca Photographer


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