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Nikita of @soulcoachnikita - Spiritual Embodiment and Transformational Coach

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Nikita is a Spiritual Embodiment and Transformational Coach and a Kundalini + Tantra Facilitator. Her coaching is about helping her clients transform their lives. To help them heal their fears, traumas, self-doubts, anxiety... and learn to love themselves and their bodies unapologetically.

She organizes workshops and retreats to create a safe space to come and release your burdens, forget your worries and connect with what really matters: you, your heart and the present moment. She teaches easy exercises that her clients can implement into their daily lives, no matter how little time they have.

You can find her on her Instagram page @soulcoachnikita where she shares invaluable content and find out everything about her upcoming workshops, retreats and working 1:1 with her here.

From July 21 to 24th 2022 she is organizing a retreat in Mallorca in an incredible finca in the center of the island. During this retreat many activities await you such as: Ancient Mystery Ceremonies, Profound Breathwork + Nervous System Reprogramming, Breast Massages + Yoni Egg Rituals, Shakti Rising and Kundalini Work, etc.

Here is the direct link for more info: I'll be there capturing the retreat as well, see you there!

Nikita loves inspiring people with her easy embodiment practices that they can implement in their daily life. Embodiment means inbodyment -> How can you be more present in your body? How can you connect with your heart and body's desire throughout the day?

"My main tips for those visiting Mallorca would be to not miss out on Palma! My boyfriend and I didn't have any expectations for Palma as we though it'd be a basic city, but it's INCREDIBLE! Has so many amazing restaurants and bars! Our favourite beach with the clearest water was Cala Major!"

"Mallorca is the perfect place to host my retreat in 2022 because it's such a sacred, beautiful island! I love the energy and vibe on Mallorca, the clear water and the beige stones and walls!"

This session with Nikita was such a dream. Her high energy and beautiful vibe made me so happy for days after our shoot. Nikita loved her experience with us:

My Session with Adele was just INCREDIBLE! Being with her and her energy was soo relaxing and the whole photo session felt easy flowing, she knew what she was doing, sharing some posing ideas, angles etc. AND THEN, the pics came... WOW, my boyfriend and I literally had our jaws dropped! Every single picture looked like it was from a magazine! Adele is amazing at what she does and we‘ll keep booking her over and over again when we‘re in Mallorca and for my business. 10/10 recommend, can‘t wait to shoot with her again!

Last month we organised a second photoshoot for Nikita but this one was special because there was also a video-shoot with Yash from @stu_thestudio. To promote her goddess retreat in Mallorca in July.

This photoshoot was based on the body-medicine with all her instruments to active our inner goddess!

If you want to see the final result of the video click here.

And we love seeing how Nikita is using all the content we shot together on her website and social media channels.

If you need photos for your brand, get in touch with us!

Adele, Palma Insta Team x


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