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Memorable Escape at Finca Bella Roca

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Have you ever stayed at a Finca?

A Finca is a typical Mallorquin villa, usually located in the countryside. They make the perfect getaway place for a staycation or holiday. We were so lucky to spend time at Finca Bella Roca in Galilea for a much needed workation. Let us take you along this wonderful vacation home in Mallorca.

The property is beyond beautiful. There was something so charming about the house, an amazing atmosphere mixing tradition and modernity. The numerous windows allow all the light to come in and make this place really open, warm and welcoming.

Of course, the pool area is definitely one our favourites. Not only is the view amazing but it is also really cosy, with sunbeds as well as sunbrellas, and an outdoor shower. Pair this with delicious watermelon cocktails and you have the most refreshing afternoon!

Girl swimming in a pool and another girl standing with her legs in the water at Finca Bella Roca in Palma de Mallorca

The place is big but really well organised with definite areas. You can find a mini soccer field at the top of the property and a playground for children in the garden downstairs. You will also be able to enjoy the sunrise or sunset with the cute little rooftop.

Finca Bella Roca is perfect to disconnect and take care of yourself. During this getaway, some of the girls were relaxing in the sauna or in a bubble bath, others read a book in the living room while another one took a peaceful nap in her bedroom. This villa is definitely the ideal place for self-care.

Bedroom Finca Bella Roca in Palma de Mallorca

If you love cooking, you will have the best time in Finca Bella Roca's kitchen. It is very open and everything you could possibly need is there. The outdoor spaces and terraces were wonderfully arranged, allowing us to share nice meals while enjoying the view.

Thanks again Jess for preparing us delicious food!

Four girls sitting at a table for lunch Finca Bella Roca in Palma de Mallorca

Our getaway at Finca Bella Roca will remain very special for all of us, a wonderful time of bonding with each other. It was such a unique experience, we created long last-lasting memories that will be, for sure, cherished forever.

Thank you so much Finca Bella Roca for inviting us! If you're interested by staying at Finca Bella Roca and would like to book, get in touch with them through their website or Instagram.

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I recently had the most perfect stay at Finca Bella Roca and just had to write a review. From the moment I walked in through the front gate it was nothing but understated luxury and comfort in every corner of the property - nothing was missed out and I could not fault any aspect of this beautiful finca. The thing that I loved the most, and that sometimes is difficult to see just from photos, is the magical way that the home has been designed to create innumerable separate, private, and tranquil spaces to relax and enjoy, whilst still maintaining an incredible sense of warmth and cosiness throughout. Even if you have children or a big group of friends all staying together, it's possible to be as close to everyone or as alone and private as you wish to be at any moment. Incredibly well thought-out design, and impeccably decorated and furnished with both comfort and practicality in mind. Thank you so much for the most relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable getaway! - Jessica

The time spent in Finca Bella Roca was truly magical. From the moment you walk in you feel at home, you feel lucky and happy. Waking up in the morning only hearing the birds, seeing the sunrise from the top terrace, followed by a workout next to the pool while seeing the mountains and sea, it was a dream. It is hard to choose a favourite moment, but I would say dinner in the garden area, at golden hour, it was beautiful. Also every moment we spent together by the pool, from where you have a great view of the house too. Every spot of the finca is so well decorated, the rustic, cozy, island vibes melt and mix perfectly to make you feel like you are right where you deserve to be. Thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy and share such a wonderful experience! - Sandra

My stay at Finca Bella Roca was beyond everything I could've imagined. It is such a quiet and peaceful place, the perfect getaway to enjoy with your loved ones. I really liked how welcoming it was with these beautiful windows allowing the light to come in, but also thanks to the open rooms such as the kitchen. The finca is perfectly furnished, everything you'll possibly need is there, and every area is designed to be the most comfortable and cosy for you. Despite the property being huge, I never felt lonely. I could relax on my own in a bubble bath (the softness of the towels was incredible) but also enjoy with my friends at the pool or even share a meal on the terrace. Simply a beautiful and luxurious stay at Finca Bella Roca. I really recommend it! Thank you again for this magical days - Mallaury

This getaway at Finca Bella Roca was everything I needed: to be able to work and rest at the same time in such a perfect location with my close friends. You can find everything you need there to relax and enjoy, between friends or as a family. All the bedrooms are so comfortable and everything has been carefully curated to have the perfect balance between modern and authentic touches. I loved the tower and the windows in the living room. The pool area is just perfect to relax or sip a glass of champagne. I loved the view from the sauna, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The terrace is incredible to enjoy the meals in the shade while starring at the view. I would recommend Finca Bella Roca for anyone looking for a special place to spend a week on the island. - Adèle

Mallaury x

Palma Insta Team


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