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Heavenly Hike in Eastern Mallorca

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

A very special December 1st

Mallorca is known for some of its breath-taking views and amazing calas, some with access only by hiking for a couple of hours or by boat. While it might be hard to get there in the hot summer days, it’s the perfect spot to explore during the ultimate hiking season in Mallorca: Autumn.

Let me take you to some magical spots around Santanyi

We started the hike in Cala S’Almonia.

For 2 hours we walked while having great views.

We passed the cutest house with the most amazing view! Who whished it was available on Airbnb to be able to wake up there?

We finally arrived to Cala Dels Marmols, where we were greeted by the cutest Husky.

What’s best than having a nap on the beach on the 1st of December? You tell me…

The way back seemed way quicker and we stopped at yet another breathtaking point of view. Back to Cala S’Almonia, we headed to Calo d’es Moro.

What a difference a season makes: in Summer it was packed with people and we were swimming in the sea. This time we could enjoy the peaceful view and empty beach.

One last stop before heading back to Palma: Cala Llombards as the sun was setting and turning the sky pink.

4 calas in a day, the perfect Autumn Sunday.

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Adele x


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