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Poetic Evening in Puerto Soller

After our most enjoyable afternoon in the village of Valdemossa, we went ahead and decided to spend the evening in Puerto Soller, a cute and romantic harbour village just an hour away from Valdemossa. It is accessible by bus, but if you depart from Palma, we recommend taking the typical wooden train for an unique experience!

First we took a little stroll around the port and admired the view of the mountains as well as the many boats moored to the docks.

Not far, we found some stairs that led us to a hidden viewpoint, from which we could contemplate the horizon before our eyes. On our way there, we also could enjoy a nice view on the port.

As we were getting hungry, we left this beautiful spot to settle down in a restaurant we had already noticed earlier during our walk. The choice was made on the No Name restaurant, and our experience there was very positive!

We got a table surrounded by comfy sofas where we could chillout while waiting for the food.

Speaking of which, the dishes were really up to our expectations! We had the ceviche, rather spicy but well seasoned and quite generous regarding the portion size; the fish of the day prepared in a cantonese style sauce and served with veggies from the wok & basmati rice, which was just delicious; the ray in a coconut sauce served with rice and potatoes, which also tasted amazing; entrecote served with homemade fries and little grilled peppers, also didn't disappoint.

The whole group was very happy with the food, we will definitely come back to try the remaining dishes on the menu! Good to know - there were vegetarian & vegan options that also seemed very tasty, so it might a great option if there are people with different types of diet in your family or group of friends!

It was a wonderful way to end the day, with good food in a very charming setting. Puerto Soller is worth the detour, and would even be a good option for a sun & sea day as there is a pretty big beach near the port!

We hope that we have conviced you to visit this little town if you haven't already experienced a stay here!

Natalia, Palma Insta Team


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