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The Best Sunset Spots on the Island - Mallorca Wonders

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Mallorca offers all kinds of beautiful sceneries, landscapes, beaches and calas. After a enjoying the island's treasures, what could be better than ending your day on a magical sunset? And what if we told you that we know some of the best spots to witness this natural phenomenon? Here is our selection... but little disclaimer: most of those places are only accessible by car, if you want a convenient car rental solution check out this post or scroll to the end of that post!

Cap Formentor, the high viewpoint in the middle of nowhere

If you happened to have spent your day near the Alcudia region, why not take a little drive up the mountains to find yourself surrounded by a completely different decor of hills and nature. Chase the sun through the mountain routes, then park your car at the bottom of the little route that will lead you to the very top of the world... and admire the breathtaking view. The little hike to get there is completely worth the effort, and is also very pleasing as it offers different perspective on the surrounding view. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can go up with the car up to a certain point, but be careful, the road is narrow and steep, and parking places are few and laborious.

Sa Foradada, the viewpoint beyond a hidden cala

Feeling like hiking, enjoying the sun, taking a dip and admiring the sunset all at once? Well, Sa Foradada is the spot for you! Located only about 25 minutes away from Palma by car, this gorgeous spot offers a stunning view on the horizon just a step away from the parking lot. However, if you're feeling adventurous, you should definitely try taking the path that's going all the way down to the coast, at the end of which you will find a little hidden cala to chillout a bit and enjoy the cool & clear water. There also is a restaurant there, in case you were wondering where to grab lunch.

However, for an evening drink, you will have to climb all the way back to the viewpoint, fast enough to get there before all the people that are usually driving to Sa Foradada only to watch the sunset. Can't blame them though, as this is probably one of the most compelling views you could find in Mallorca...

El Chiringuito, the perfect end to a beach day

After spending the afternoon actively practicing what we call dolce far'niente, nothing beats a beautiful sunset to end the day on a sweet and poetic note. In this spot, you will have a quite remarkable view while being able to settle down with a drink and enjoy the last bits of sunshine before heading back home.

Which spot are you going to visit first? Or maybe you have your own favourite places to admire the sunset? Tell us in the comments!

Cheers from Mallorca,

- Palma Insta Team


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