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Mallorca B&B by J&B - Spoon Full O'Moon

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Craving a countryside getaway? Spoon Full O'Moon is one of my favourite place to spend some time off. Located in the heart of Mallorca and run with love by Jada and Baran, two people who are very passionate about health, healing and growth. You can reserve their beautiful space for retreats, workshops and events; or simply rent a private suite to enjoy the magic of Mallorca's countryside.

Spoon Full O'Moon is a magical space to share, replenish, create & star gaze. If you stay at J&B's space, please make sure to order yourself a vegan and gluten-free breakfast, you won't regret it. They put so much passion into their food and hosting their guests.

If you're looking for a peaceful place to stay while you visit the beautiful of Mallorca, or if you need the perfect digital detox location for a weekend, Spoon Full O'Moon is for you!

More information: and follow them on Instagram @spoonfullomoon for inspiring and yummy content!

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Adele x


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