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Unique Instagram-worthy Hotel in Mallorca

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Two people holding a glass of water with ice cubes, blueberries and strawberries in front of a pool with sunshine in Palma de Mallorca

My friend Chloe from Pink Flamingo Marketing invited me to join her for a little drink by the pool at the most beautiful and unique hotel I’ve seen on the island: Ten Mallorca in Sineu.

Two girls posing in a front of a big golden mirror and taking a picture with a phone  and a girl sitting on a pink chair with magazines on a small table

This hotel is the perfect location to get some Insta photos (of course life is not all about Instagram but lots of us are guilty of choosing a place for the photos we can get there, admit it!).

Girl in a swimsuit with sunglasses lying in a white bathtub holding a glass of water in a white tiled bathroom

I loved Ten Mallorca because every room is different and has its own character. They created different ambiance in each corner and everything looks amazing!

Hotel lobby in Palma de Mallorca

The pool is also a big hit! Who wouldn’t dream to sip cocktails and go for a swim in this dreamy location ? If you’re looking for a beautiful place where you can relax, this is the perfect one !

I can’t wait to go back there ! What’s your favourite hotel on the island ?

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Adele x


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